Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spiritual Protection ***Back Dated July 16th, 2016****

Do you have a home security system? Do you think this is enough to protect your home?  Yes, you are protected on the natural side but what about the spiritual side. Ever wonder why there is confusion and discord in the home. Your children are acting out or being bullied. Your husband or wife may have issues on the job. Finances are always in shambles.  Bottom-line, it just feels like your home is under attack and yes, you are under attack. A spiritual warfare is going on and wives you have a job to do. Yes, husbands are the first line of defense but the woman helps to strengthen her husband through prayer and fasting. She keeps him lifted in prayer. I’m reaching out to my mothers and wives to inform you of your duty to provide a layer of spiritual protection. Your role is crucial to the survival of your family spiritually and naturally.  Our men need us more now than ever before. Our men are under attack! Pray for protection from depression and oppression. Ask God to touch him to fulfill his God given purpose and to show you, his wife, how to support him in the pursuit of his calling.  Men are strong on the outside, but soft on the inside. We must ask for guidance on how to love and support our men, while leaving their manhood intact.  Pray for the spiritual protection of your children, their mind, hearts and spirits. Especially when their interacting with other children, watching television (you may say, I know what my child watches, but what about the commercials they see or when they go to visit at a friend’s house) or reading some of the assigned school materials for example. Children are pure and this is the cause of their vulnerability.
Let’s stop wasting our breath and physical force on something that needs spiritual force.
Are you armed and ready?

Angie Bee Love 

Your vibe attracts your tribe *****Back Dated**** July 4, 2016

Let’s think about this for a moment....

 Your vibrational output is like a magnet, a vibrational sound wave radiating to the world “Here I am”.  However, “who” are you calling back to you?...  You pull in what you’re putting out. Here’s what I mean, if you’re tired of people complaining to you, do you find yourself complaining a lot? 

Even if it’s all in your head, you have generated these occurrences. You are unknowingly radiating a signal for these types of people to come your way. Change your frequency. Don’t entertain, in this case “complaining” from yourself or anyone else. The same can be said about gossipers, one uppers, or anyone you find repelling.  You are actually repelling apart of yourself you have chosen to ignore.  Dig deep and find what ails you. Get rid of it and heal it. Or just decide to live with it in acceptance and harmony.

  You must take responsibility for the invitations you send out into the world with your thoughts and conversations.  Stop inviting negative people, situations, places or anything that does not serve your authentic self.  Stop wasting time on the irrelevant as well.  Your time Is very valuable and precious. 

  As a social worker who works with our disabled and senior population, I understand the true essence and value of time. These women and men were once healthy and strong.  Now, they are in their late seventies reminiscing on their youth and agonizing their imposing death or uselessness.

The solution is simple. Change your focus, set your intentions and the rest will follow. For example, Let’s say you have a networking event to attend. You are nervous and you do not know anyone. When you walk into the room, your first thought should be, “I will carry myself with ease and grace, I will build a strong network of brilliant minds one smile at a time.”   You have set positive intentions before entering the room. This allows you to focus on people who are radiating the same positive energy you are. Operate on a higher frequency and you will be unstoppable. This clears the haters and low-level energy people from crossing your path. Even If they do, they will remove themselves quite quickly.  

Let’s keep our vibrations high!!!

Angie Bee Love 

Loose 10 pounds in 10 days!!!! Back dated **6/29/16***

It’s possible to lose belly fat and feel good while doing it. No diets, No surgery, No gimmicks!! There’s a simple solution to your weight loss battles. So simple you have to read it twice. It’s called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting (IF) is not a diet but a pattern of eating. You do not have to change what you eat but when you eat. However, I would recommend not eating “junk food”. If you have to have a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine, do so in moderation. I like to just get a “taste” in my mouth, as to not completely deprive myself. So, yes you are eating what you will in moderation. The science behind this method of eating comes from the “fasted state” your body goes through while you’re sleeping.  After you’ve eaten your last meal, your body needs at least three to five hours to digest and absorb the food you have eaten. It is very hard to burn fat during this stage. The real magic starts when you are sleeping and a few hours afterwards.
Intermittent fasting can be done in a number of ways; once a week, one a month, or daily. Intermittent fasting can also be done for a twenty-four-hour period, known as the warrior diet.  As for me, the best times for my eating window are noon- to eight o’clock pm. This allows the ability to eat lunch at work and dinner with my family.  I drink only coconut water before noon and after eight o’clock. NO FOOD!! NO SODA!!!  No wine!!  On Thursdays I complete a coffee enema detox and I go a complete 24 hours (Water only!). These are what I call my “Detox Thursdays.” I understand this is not for everyone; however it’s worth a shot!! Try it out and if it doesn’t agree with you, find something different but keep seeking vitality and health.

Some of the issues you may face when intermittent fasting is breaking the habit of snacking during stress on the job and menstrual-cycle induced cravings…  Make sure to have a variety of coconut water flavors, especially if you’re fasting beyond regular lunch time hours.  I plan to make intermittent fasting apart of my daily routine. I find the benefits out way the temporary discomfort…. Make sure to do your research as well, let me know if you have any questions not covered above. I want you to be healthy, happy, & free!!!!!

Thursday, June 2, 2016


 I need someone to complete me....
I need someone to make me whole…
I need to get married and have kids before I turn thirty….
What’s wrong with me? I’m over thirty and not married yet?

 Iyanla Vanzant breaks the surface of marriage and the power struggle within. Her perspective is fresh and thought provoking. She has been married twice. As a result, she has decided to never get married again. In a recent article found on root.com, Veronica Wells writes on Vanzant’s ideas on marriage.  While on “It’s Not You, It’s Men,” with Tyrese and Rev Run, Vanzant expresses how marriages are not equal partnerships.  When I felt an emotional response to her words, I knew I had to re-evaluate my own marriage. I was raised under a Christian foundation and married into a male dominate perspective.  This sociological foundation forced me to step out of my comfort zone in order to tackle Vanzant’s suggestion of marriage from a fresh perspective.  I believed she was on to something here….
I would like to build a foundation for her argument and from there, build my own logic behind her notion.  The dynamics of the female- male relationship are quite interesting. No matter how advanced women have become educationally and financially, society perpetuates the inaccurate ideology of a woman’s value is defined in relation to a man, through the presence of a man; her man.  You may disagree with me, but look at how society has practically crucified Halle berry’s desirability….
No need for further explanation… lets first look at how marriage is perceived from childhood into adulthood. Men are raised to conquer, provide, and pro-create. Women are raised to be home makers, nurturers, and good girls. Very basic?! Not so, these men grow up resenting marriage. It is the symbol of emasculation and the loss of prowess and desirability for men.  This leads to the ball and chain jokes or the “Yo, she (the wife) let you out to play man” antics.  As if he is in some sort of prison… when it should symbolize a progression of manhood and celebration of adulthood. No, this is not every man but it is enough men with this mentality to be addressed.  Women are married in their dreams by age four lol...  Some even know their wedding colors and all that jazz. It is every girls dream to find their night in shinning amour. (Disclaimer** I’m aware there are women who do not want to ever, nor have they ever wanted to get married or have kids, but you are few and far between ladies)
I wanted to share some of the mental psychology of men and women in the paragraph above so I can bring in Ms. Vanzant’s words of enlightenment below.

Here’s the thing, relationships are not where we go to have fun. Relationships are where we go to heal and where we go to learn. And who you’re going to attract is the person that’s going to bring to the forefront the thing you need to learn or heal or the thing that’s going to help you grow the most.

We come into this world broken. This causes us to subconsciously seek out people and situations that are reflections of our broken selves. We heal ourselves one relationship at a time, we mend ourselves through the broken pieces discovered throughout the relationship. Our spirits are lacking a true pureness needed to love our mates whole-heartedly. Marriage is for two complete and whole individuals who see each other as equals in value and presence. When you see a man feeling the need to dominate a woman or a woman feeling the need to have a man to make her whole, this is a sign of spiritual infancy and more healing is needed. We have to fight against pre-determined definitions of a husband and wife to find true balance and partnership. No one is above or beneath the other in value. We are side by side. We are one.

The creation of equal partnerships in marriages require a higher level of consciousness and awareness of self.  I believe the current state of our society does not allow a true equal partnership to exist. Until we discover, heal, and repair our hearts and minds, marriage should not be an endeavor we choose to take on. But here’s the thing, so many of us are too lazy to do the “work” on ourselves as Iyanla Vanzant has done. Until then, marriage will be a shadow of what God designed it be….
A symbolic representation of God’s love for the church, his people. The guiding light and a vessel of change…

These are my thoughts…

Angie B Love



Wednesday, May 11, 2016

When life hands you lemons, make the best damn lemonade ever!!!!

" Beyoncé echoes the words of activist and author Malcolm X, who once said that:
"The most disrespected person in America is the black woman. The most unprotected person in America is the black woman. The most neglected person in America is the black woman.”

Many black women across America are living this quote. We are the new day “strange fruit” Billy holiday song into our hearts and souls.  Instead of hanging from trees, we are swinging from mainstream distortions and male chauvinism.  We push our way through a world not designed with us in mind. Beyoncé changed the game by encouraging us to define the rules for ourselves. On April 23rd, Beyoncé announced to the world more than her stages of betrayal and infidelity within her marriage, she led black women down the path of womanhood and dropped us in America’s front yard. We're here!!!  I am woman hear me roar!
Lemonade was her official call for black feminism and empowerment. Her heart wrenching transparency and poetic soul of art, reminded women across America, we all “feel” and “heal’ the same. We all feel insecurities, anger, self-doubt, and invisible at times. She allowed us to see ourselves through her. We rode waves of emotions with her, as she reminded us of days when our soul seemed to leave our body and our hearts were dipped into the fire of life. It is not only our relationships with the men in our lives which leaves us rattled sometimes. It’s the relationship we have with ourselves and the women we share this experience of  womanhood with, who may leave us confused and disturbed. We compete, judge, ridicule and fight amongst ourselves. We never once think to share the burden and be our sister’s keeper. Beyoncé gave us the courage to breathe again. When Life beat us down to the ground, when demands seemed unbearable and when labels were defined for us…We dwindled our light, our strength; we sometimes even questioned our beauty. (We questioned what we “should” do or who we “should” be.)  When life Suffocated us until we didn’t know who we were anymore, she gave us back our voice. 
Beyoncé’s album goes beyond infidelity and reaches into the soul of black women. She jolted us back to life. We followed Beyoncé’s evolution of “self” through the use of “other” as she made it the new “norm”. Lemonade was unapologetic, beautiful, and transcending all in one. So let’s get in formation ladies!!!!! It’s about time….

Angie B Love

Monday, April 4, 2016

Think Big!!! Vision Boards to the Next level

Have you ever tried to drive somewhere you've never been before and  your GPS suddenly stopped working?
 You feel frustrated, lost, and overwhelmed.
The same can be applied to your life. You are a creator.  You are the designer of your life. In order to get where you’re going, you must first design a road map of your life. Ask God to help guide you to your destination.  You must have a vision for your life. See yourself doing, becoming, and having what you desire.  I know there has been a lot of talk over the past few years in reference to creating vision boards and Goals. However, I suggest taking things a step further.
Recently, I went into a Mercedes Benz dealership. Almost a year ago, I placed a picture of a Mercedes-Benz on my Vision Board. I always wanted to test drive one, but my inner voice would say things like, “You can’t afford this car!” or “The salesman won’t give you the time of day!” I decided enough is enough. I drove into the dealership with my 2015 Nissan Altima and requested to talk to a salesman. Unlike what I expected, He was warm and welcoming. He listened to what I desired in a Mercedes. He told me I he knew just what I wanted. Went to get the keys and told me to follow him outside. He pointed me to the most beautiful thing I ever laid eyes on. (Since the birth of my babies of course) I felt tears of joy rush down my face as I continued to whisper, “This is it” This is my car!! I cannot express to you enough How it felt to drive her on the highway. Somewhere deep inside, this moment resonated with me and I asked God to hear me. I was calling it into my universe, into a world of Possibilities, my possibilities.  
God is calling for Radical Faith….  Here are a few suggestions I want to share with you as you take on a life of wealth, prosperity, and blessings….

#1. Always dress for the job you want, not the job you have. See yourself becoming a supervisor, Educator, etc. Faith without work is dead. So, make sure you are taking necessary courses and getting mental clarity on your desired career goals.
#2.  Walk through the home of your desires. Yes, you may live in a one bedroom apartment right now, but today does not determine tomorrow’s circumstances.  Test drive your dream car, visit the company you want to work for, reach out to someone in the field you want to work in… the doors of opportunity are limitless…
#3. Take 10-15 minutes of your day to meditate on the desires of your heart. Make them known to God. However, understand God requires something from his children. We are servant-leaders. We must find ways, daily to be servants and representatives of God as he blesses us to be a blessing to others.
Above all else, the following strategies above can serve as motivation. It beckons our greatness to come out the dark, into the light. It renews our drive and re-ignites the spark within us to go get what belongs to us.  There is enough to go around, just make sure you get yours!

Angie B Love

Monday, February 22, 2016

The Beautiful Storm: Untold truths about married life.

Have you ever experienced the sun shining while the rain was falling? Amazing right? At first you think its your senses playing a trick on you. Then you realize it’s real. A quiet calmness and enchantment embraces you. This is how marriage feels.  Marriage is a major adjustment. There is a vulnerability that comes with marriage. Many are not accustomed to the level of transparency and commitment required. Individuals are accustomed to doing things a certain way, “your way” for so long. It’s been all about you. I hear many single individuals scream, “I’m not about to get married and end up divorced, I’m good!!”
However, this type of perception has been the conception of the deception of what’s really going on with marriage. However, there are people who took the leap of faith into the unknown. Yes, it is hard work but anything of value is worth fight for, right?  I’ve been married six years on May 8th of this year.  It has been a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, twists and turns.  If I had a choice I would do it again. I am a stronger because of it. I discovered my greatest strengths. Most of all, I have someone to share my life with… I’ve learned over the years the value of loyalty, dependability, and accountability. True partnership is everlasting.  I now understand what marriage is and not the naive fairytales I once envisioned.  Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.
“Stop looking for your spouse to complete you”
Yes, The “you complete me” sounds cute on V-day, but in reality, you are two whole people coming together as one to create something new. Your goal is to create a long-lasting and effective union. Leave your insecurities at the door or at least seek professional help so you don’t become a mental burden on your mate.
Financial Situations
If you were okay with his income, credit, tax issues, child support, work schedule, etc. before you decided to get married don’t give your mate the side eye later on. Work together, build, and improve your financial lives together.

Who disciplines the children?
Please remember when I tell you, one of you will be the nurturer and the other will be the disciplinarian.
Which one will you be? Make sure to have a talk about how you plan to discipline your children… (time out, etc.)
You will not like your spouse every day
Disagreements happen but agree to make up by a certain timeline. No one wants to walk around a home with negative energy floating around. The kids can feel it, the dog can feel it. Even the mail man, so get it right and fast.  You got an empire to build…
They share friends business
Married couples have pillow talk and sometimes it’s the latest issue a friend maybe having at the time. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure not to get upset when your spouse doesn’t want to be around certain people if you share some unbecoming things about your friend… I recommend keeping certain things about mutual friends to yourself. I know this is your best friend now, but save the headache!
Married people still date each other
When you’re living with your best friend, you really don’t have to get out the house all the time… Sometimes just a child-free house, a few bottles of wine, and your favorite dinner are all you need…    It’s easy on the budget as well…. Nonetheless, whether you choose to stay in or dine out, there is opportunity to recharge and renew with each other.
Sometimes married couples want to be single
Yes, then you realize when you were single, you wanted to be married. These feelings will pass eventually.
My friend, your friend, our friend
Some friends you will share as a couple. While others you will have separately. It’s okay, you won’t share everything. As long as there is respect for the union you two share (no cheater set ups), go out, have fun, and enjoy your night out with the guys/girls!!
Quickie Appointments
The struggle is real. Kids, work, obligations, etc. are taking up all your time and energy. Before you realize it, almost seven days have gone by and nothing has happened in the love making department. Sometimes you’re just too tired to get it in. I have a solution…  (Drum roll please)  “Schedule your quickies.” I know, I know… before getting married you could time your playtime like the “back of your hand” not anymore, lol lol.
The Representative is GONE!!!
 He will leave socks on the floor. You will have morning conversations while on the toilet. He will purchase your tampons. She will have morning breath and a hair bonnet. Any annoying thing you can think of will be in your face. You will be with this person 24/7. In the past, you could go to your respective homes on the weekdays and get away to each other’s place on the weekends. Three days to wow and impress and four days to rest. You get the point…
All in all, marriage is fun, exciting, and hard work. I enjoy being married; it’s like learning to riding a bike. In the beginning you’re going to fall. You may get a few bumps and bruises but one day you’re going to catch your balance. You will get the hang of it. As a child, the day you learned to ride your bike is the day you realized you can go anywhere in the world you wanted….  The same applies to your marriage!!  
Share in the comment section below how long you’ve been married and any tips you’ve learned. I want to hear from you.

Angie B Love

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