Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I need to share something with you.....

Good Evening Everyone,
I hope your having a wonderful, love filled Valentine's Day....
I wanted to share a few things with you....
I will not be posting on here for a while....
I have gotten approval for my first educational community outreach program,my first book is due by the end of next month to publishers & I have a opportunity to work as a life coach for a Great women's empowerment group...
I'm excited and laser focused...
Keep me in your prayers as I pray for you as well.

When my website is up and ready, I will provide the link here for you Guys to follow...
This is not the end, it's only the beginning...

Angie B love ❤️

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Twenty-Two pieces of advice for a new wife

I’ve been married to an amazing man for over six years now. Six years doesn’t compare to Thirty, but I still know more about marriage today than I did 6 years ago. Every marriage is different and unique. All husbands are not alike either but there is a common thread that permeates through every good marriage, patience.  You may not be able to relate to every piece of advice I have listed here, but my desire is to equip you with enough knowledge to weather the storms that are sure to come and be able to bathe in the sunlight of marital success without a care in the world.  Congratulations on your new role as a wife. I hope these pieces of wisdom will touch the heart of your marriage and bless your soul.
Here’s what I’ve learned over the past six years…………….
1.      It won’t be nothing like you imagined, so wipe your marriage board clean and let expectations go.
2.      You two will grow, evolve, and change but this doesn’t have to mean you must grow apart. Respect and compromise will get you a long way.
3.       Share your thoughts but don’t nag or repeat yourself repeatedly. Say it once, drop it and get quiet.
4.      Pray for him. Pray for him. Pray for him. I cannot say this enough. You would be surprised how much he faces on a day to day basis, internally and externally.
5.      You need good girlfriends, some like-minded queens in your corner.  These are women who will support your marriage and individuality.
6.      However, no one compares to a strong connection with God.
7.      Make sure to give yourself 30 minutes of selfcare in the morning or afternoon. This will be especially important once children enter the mix. Do whatever relaxes you… (hot bath, mediation, a glass of wine, etc.)
8.      Yes, premarital counseling is a great start, but I believe this should be an ongoing process for the next two years of marriage. (once a month is perfect)
9.      Schedule a date night once a week.
10.   Take up pole-dancing lessons. I promise you won’t regret it. Or just buy a hula hoop, anything to stimulate your feminine energy at all times.
11.   You don’t have to win every argument.
12.   You will learn more about who you truly are more than ever. Your husband will be a mirror to show you your good, bad and ugly. Don’t worry, just take note and grow. Don’t beat yourself up.
13.   When your husband is frustrated, give him time to cool off but make sure to finish the discussion. Always seek to understand each other.
14.   Pack his lunch and leave a special note for him.
15.   You’re a team. If you need help, tell him. You can do it alone, but now you don’t “have” to.
16.    Work on your insecurities. He chose you. You are enough. Confidence is sexy.
17.   However, this is not a free to be lazy, take me as I am card. Work out, take up a new hobby, go back to school. Not for him but for you!
18.   Marriage may mean a smaller, more isolated island and that’s ok. Too many outside forces can taint a good marriage.
19.   This is your husband and you chose him for a reason. Don’t allow anyone to make you see your husband in a different light because he’s not living up to “their” expectations. At the end of the day, as long as he’s doing his duties as a good husband at the end of the day that’s all that matters. He’s a human being not a robot.
20.   GOLDEN ROD LOVING 101: Become his head doctor. Yep, you heard me right! I understand everyone may not be comfortable providing oral pleasure to their man but your missing out on a game changer. Change how you view the act of orally pleasing your man and enjoy it! I mean “really’ enjoy it.  A man receives his confidence to face the world through this visual act of submission. Plus, the benefits for you will be priceless. Get your “head game” right and life will be a breeze. Yes, happy wife, happy life but this is the missing key….
21.   Always seal the night with a prayer.
22.   Make sure you compliment him. Compliment him to others, to the children, to your friends and family in earshot of him. Everyone wants to feel valued and respected. Especially your man.
Some of these tips may seem simple, but I promise you, After you’ve have a few kids, start working long hours and  “life” in general happens, you must make a conscious effort to make your marriage work, last, and thrive.
Did I miss anything?
Comment down below….

Angie B signing out!!

Monday, October 17, 2016

It's a waste of time and energy trying to get others to understand you….

Never waste your time or energy trying to get others to understand you.
 No matter what you do, some people are just not going to like you.
 It has nothing to do with you. 
Unless you’re an inconsiderate, narcissistic individual…  
Some people are having internal wars within themselves. 
Their perceptions of reality are distorted.
 They will internalize your actions and process its meaning from their own filter. 
More times than not, these filters are blurred by the illusions of their own personal restraints. 
It is a losing battle you must bow out of immediately or you lose yourself while trying to make them understand you.

This is especially relevant to religious beliefs. 
Everyone believes their religion is the right religion and bump all others. 
Instead of seeking to understand the common theme all religions share- belief in a higher power (GOD) and the call to higher consciousness. 
We judge, criticize and downgrade all other religions that do not resemble our own. Therefore, we remain divided, perpetually psychologically and spiritually conquered. 
We continue to commit ourselves to a dialogue of misunderstanding each other instead of finding commonalities and cohesion.
 I said all this to say, we must not lose ourselves trying to be understood by individuals who may not even know who they are, in order to acknowledge your value and existence one must first know who they are in the world of pretenders. 
Continue to be true to you and live authentically unapologetic-ally. This is my pledge to you,

Angie B Love

Monday, October 10, 2016

Seeds of Life: The life Line of your marriage

 A man plants his seeds in the womb of his woman and from there, life is formed. She is now carrying this life with her everywhere she goes.  Now connected through the life line we call the umbilical cord. She is one with her son/ daughter for the next nine months. Her life must change. She must watch the foods she eats, the places she frequents, and the amount of daily stress she undergoes.

I would like to take this same aspect and apply it to the dreams and desires of your mate.  Women at this point I am talking to you. Men, you may keep reading if you please. A man plants seeds of life in the womb of his woman in a spiritual sense as well. She then takes these seeds and nurture them with love, support, and encouragement. She grows his dreams, his aspirations, his goals for his life in her (Spiritual) womb. She gives birth to his entrepreneurial spirit, his drive, his mission, and his purpose. She brings forth his purpose into the world by bringing all to God and allowing him to be the substance to sustain and nourish him (God i.e. embryonic fluid) while she works and molds him into the man of power he is designed to be. She is not mean-spirit or harsh with criticism and judgment. This is not meant for his ears but Gods. I’m not saying to not tell him when he is doing wrong but do it in love. Voice his weaknesses to God, he is the only one who can fit it. When a woman is mean, quick-tempered, and critical, she is not creating a suitable environment for her mate to grow. She is stunting his growth, as a man and an individual.  Just as it would harm a baby in the womb and if the child is continuously malnourished, there will be health problems and complications.  When you help your husband, you are helping yourself. You do not have to lose yourself or place your dreams on the back burner.  However, just keep in mind that this is your husband, your marriage, and your life. You are creating the type of life you want to live based off the energy you put in building your husband up and seeing that his vision for your family  is a reality. However this may look for your marriage, the vision of elevation is the core theme. This is serious business folks.  Women are so focused on how they can get to the top of the professional ladder so much so, that their leaving their husbands behind financially and emotionally. Which in turns makes them feel useless. This is just my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. I know I will have some who will disagree. Nonetheless, if your man is not doing what you think he should let me ask you something, how have you nourished the seeds he’s placed in your womb? Are you supporting him (nourishment) praying for his clarity (embryonic fluid  i.e.GOD) making your prenatal visits (Being his #1 cheerleader) Or have they become still born at this point? Have you killed his dreams? Women it is true, we can make or break a man with our words, break him down so much so to the point of no return.   How do you feel about this ?
Let’s talk in the comments section….

Angie B love

Monday, October 3, 2016

Be a wife, not a knife

I do not blame any of the women in my life for showing me what strength looks like… These amazing women taught me independence and resilience. There was a high value placed on a quality education and obtaining a good job and rightly so. The male presence was so unpredictable and turbulent. Mothers and aunties were making sure you do all you can, to be okay with or without a man. This was all fine and dandy until I found a man worth keeping. I’m talking about long term, put a ring on it, be my wife kind of life. All the while, these are the thoughts playing in the back of my mind, “you don’t need a man, I can do this without him, one more argument and I’m gone! I had zero tolerance for some of the minute things.

I am woman here me ROar!!!! However, my husband was shrinking further and further away from this strong black woman, who professed not to need him or any man for that matter. So contradictory of it all.

Let’s back up a minute. Many women who grew up in single parent homes, divorced homes, or raised by neither parent at all have created an automatic protective mechanism. Black women had to present a hard exterior and almost take on the roles of a man and woman. She is the disciplinarian, the nurturer, the breadwinner and head of the household. Sometimes with the male being present in the home, the woman still seemed to run the house to the point of running him away. Before the age of OBAMA, men were perceived as non-existent in the household and irresponsible. The government played daddy in many households. Therefore, women were either forced and sometimes by choice to become single mothers. Many of these women rested on the backbone of governmental assistance to get by. I want to take it a bit further to 1712, The Willie Lynch Letter (Some say it was not real, nonetheless it seems relevant in explaining the generational Traumatic experience held in our DNA)

“We breed two n­­­____males with two n___ females. Then we take the n__ males from them and keep them moving and working. Say the one ni___ female bear a n___ female and the other bears a n___ male. Both n___ females, being without the influence of the n___ image, frozen with independent psychology, will raise their offspring in reverse positions. The one with the female offspring will teach her to be like herself, independent and negotiable. The one with the n___male offspring, she being frozen with a subconscious fear for his life, will raise him to be mentally dependent and weak, but physically strong.” (Hassan-EL, 1990.p19) The Negro Marriage Unit

The female-male relationship has been distorted and manipulated for a very long time. Black women are so independent and strong; their men have to check twice for their man card. I’m not saying black women must be weak, but there is a secret to this marriage and submit notion that is so widely detested. (Submit is not as negative as you may think if your married to the right man) Majority of people are neglecting to acknowledge or accept the real meaning of submit in relation to marriage these days. I have just discovered “some” of these myself, and maybe you already knew but I want to share with you what I have learned.

Be quiet sometimes and listen. I mean truly listen to what your mate is saying. Sometimes we as women have to be heard and have the last word. Not so, let him get his thoughts out. Your answer to your question may be around the corner but you bulldozed through his response and now he doesn’t want to talk anymore. At this point there is a problem.

Men are just as sensitive as women. Please don’t let the muscles and those sexy lips fool you. Make sure to say whatever you have to say in love. Especially if its criticism. Be mindful of your tone and facial expressions. Women are so used to saying whatever comes to mind in an emotional tantrum,only to seal it with an “I’m sorry” later.

Sometimes men don’t care about whether or not the house is clean or if dinner is cooked on time. Sometimes he just wants some quick loving. If he comes up behind you and grabs you with a slap!! Cut the stove off or drop the laundry and pick it up later. He may be so satisfied that he may finish the food or fold the laundry for you….

Stop being so controlling. Allow him to lead. If he is truly leading correctly, he will consult with you before he makes a move anyway. Don’t worry…. Rest in Jesus and allow your man to be a man.

Develop a Team Mentality: You don’t have to announce how much you get paid, your latest promotion, the new model car you’re driving, if you can change your own flat tire… I’m not saying not to be proud of your accomplishments, but what I am saying is that men are providers and problem solvers at heart. He wants to be the reason you smile. He wants to give you your heart’s desire or at least have a hand in it. Turn the “I” into “Us” or you’ll begin to strip his manhood away by demonstrating to him, you don’t need him.

Be supportive. Supportive looks different depending on the man you’re with so ask him what he considers support. My husband is determined to work out every night. He was extremely tired one night but was adamant about working out. So, I stayed up one night to motivate him and push him through each set. I was sleepy yes! But he expressed so much “appreciation” the next morning for my support.

Show him you appreciate him. I don’t care if he changes the light bulb, unclogged the sink, and/or washed the car. This may seem like normal things to you, but these are acts of service and are major gestures of love to him.

Please understand, it’s okay to say you need a man in your life. This does not make you weak or vulnerable. It does not take away from your strength. If you have a good man, love on that man. More specifically, rest in your feminity and give your man back some of the masculinity in the relationship. Use the remaining masculine energy for the work world. Rest in your role as a woman and he will be the man you need. He has no choice; you’ve called out the king in him.

I also recommend finding out your mates love language as well here www.5lovelanguages.com/profile/couples/

Angie B Love

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Side-chick epidemic: Coming to a relationship near you!!

Why are you so happy being the other woman?

Why are you satisfied with second best?

 Why are you so content with a “piece” of a man, lying to you and giving you the scraps of his time?

Are you that desperate disguised in “I’m just doing me! He’s the one married to her, not me!

You act as if you’re doing something so spectacular, but honey he comes home to the wife every night.  But he tells you how unhappy is and he’s going to leave as soon as the time is right! I bet!

  You’re a toy, a “fun thang,” a receptacle for him to release his frustrations (crap) on.  A human toilet. Yes, that is what you are.   He has no real commitment to you. He did not wife you, he married her. She knows the “real” him. You know “of “him. The person he “tells” you he is, but you don’t “know” him.  Of course he’s perfect with you. He can ignore his responsibilities, his bills, his problems. You are his escape from everyday life. You’re not asking him to fix a bottle for a crying baby at 3AM or asking about a $300 water bill because of leaking pipes. That’s why it easy for him to talk to you, easy to lay in bed next to you, easy easy, easy. You get that your “easy”…..?

 Let me break this down for you a a minute…. 

When he looks into his wife’s eyes, he sees a reflection of himself, good or bad. Only he knows if he has been a good husband and/or father. He wants to please her, make her happy, and live up to the standard of her desires. If he does not feel he has done so, he will feel like less of a man in his wife’s eyes. In her presence he will feel like a loser. Every man wants to win and if he is not winning financially or emotionally in the home, he will feel worthless. You, my dear allow him to gain a false sense of winning.  He is able to check out of reality. You do not speak to the man in him, but the boy in him. The wife is calling out the king in him. If he’s not ready he will take the “easy “way out and that is “you” my dear. Why are you so satisfied with being “easy”? Is it because of self-esteem issues? Daddy issues? Typical?!... I don’t know but seek counsel. You have a real issue here!

If nothing else, think about your future married self. Would you want another woman to step in because you had a bad day? Do you want to constantly live on edge, fearful that your husband is cheating on you because your body is not the same anymore after giving birth or an argument with your husband got a little heated and now he’s on the sofa?

Oh sweet heart, listen to me closely. There are women like you being born every day who will attack the very fabric of your marriage just as you have done.

You’re proud to be a side chick huh?

 Well let’s see how proud you’ll be when the tables turn…

What are your thoughts? 

Angie B Love

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Product Review ****The Relaxed Hippie*****

It’s hard to find affordable, all natural products these days. This is why I appreciate the authenticity and nature-centered products provided by Amber Hyde. She has a number of products to accommodate your daily needs and your relaxation desires… I had the wonderful opportunity to try some of her products. I ordered the Essentials Sample pack for the affordable price of $7.50.

Here are a list of the products I have tested and my honest opinion of them all…

-Coconut Almond Moisture Bar

-Oatmeal Milk bath 

-Sea Soak Sweet Almond Infused lavender/eucalyptus (My favorite due to the smell and the exfoliating benefits of the product)

-3 in1 body oil (makes your skin soft to touch and glow)

-Essential soy melts 

-The essential coffee Coco Facial mask body scrub (My least favorite due to the messiness)

Relaxed Hippie products are great for individuals who do not like heavy smells or scents due to allergies. It’s great for individuals with sensitive skin as well.  The ingredients are all natural and the scents are light to non-existent.

 If interested please contact Amber Hyde @ 847-388-0989


Or The Relaxed Hippie www.therelaxedhippie.com

Angie B Love 

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