Monday, January 25, 2016

I fell in love….

I fell in love….

I always wondered what this kind of love felt like. I never understood how someone could have a love affair so strong with a man they’ve never met. It seemed beyond my understanding. My educated mind felt inadequate, sometimes rationalizing my shortcomings by telling myself, “The ones who loved this man so radically must be insane and careless in their pursuit for his face.”

“How could he allow so much pain and suffering in our lives if he loved us” or “If he loved me so much, life wouldn’t be so hard.” Until one day, his hand touch mine, my soul quivered and a warm embrace filled me with love and understanding. His pureness engulfed my undeserving heart. He gave me another chance.  Now, I do things not because it’s the right thing to do but because it pleases him.  He has set me aside, his daughter, and placed me in the fire to make me over in his image. I accept my cross daily in my walk with him. I know without doubt or fear he carried me through the darkest hours of my life.  He has been here all along, waiting, watching, protecting his daughter.  I asked for a personal relationship with this man named Jesus a long time ago…

Now I know him for myself and I’m proud to tell the world “I’m in love with a man named, Jesus!! He is my everything and I’m his everything.”
Allow him to come into your heart. He will change your world. You can’t change yourself.  He loves you just the way you are.  Come to him and allow your father to work in you and through you. Jesus will strengthen you and make you whole. Do not allow judgmental, critical, and religious people to keep you away from his love, not even “YOU” yes, you!
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I Love you,

May God bless and keep you until we meet here again,

Angie B Love

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Superwoman needs saving sometimes too…

 She's on a mission to save the world. She's got a apron, briefcase, heels, PTA meeting and a sippy cup for baby Junior all in one; she's doing it all.....

But doing it "all" at what cost?..
Some say she’s moody, mean, B%$&hy, or just has a bad attitude, in reality she is tired, worn, and crying in the inside for a little “me” time… 
Women have so many duties, obligations, and responsibilities in their lives. Women are rarely found relaxing and just " being". She is constantly on the go and "doing". Women across America are reaching their limitations and do not know how to ask for help in fear of appearing inadequate.  A dominant need to please and nurture is the staple of womanhood.   As a result, women place themselves last after husband, children, community, employer, etc.  God forbid she takes a personal day, she feels guilty and the underlying theme is “They need me, maybe I can just ask for half a day", or "I shouldn’t ask my husband to help with the kids", I should get them dressed, fix the formula, iron, sign the permission slips, pay the bills online, and the list goes on…..  Above all, you don’t have to be happy, carefree all the time. It’s okay to acknowledge uncomfortable feelings, but discover why you feel this way, fix it, and keep pushing….
You see, the common theme here is, “You can’t fathom someone else completing a daily task you normally would complete in no time and all at the same time." ( The woman’s gift and curse; to multi-task)  Nonetheless, this is the problem. You’re setting yourself up for everyone around you to treat you like superwoman. So therefore, when the time finally comes for you to reach out for help, others assume you got it together.  However, No worries we can get everyone up to speed. Let’s  introduce them to the human  behind the superhuman you’ve presented to the world all these years. 
Here are a few ways to get the help you need...
Your Mate
Allow your husband/partner to help around the house.  Let him know you need him. Men love feeling needed… Allow him to do whatever it is you have asked him to do in his own way… Not “YOUR “way.
You’re still a fantastic mother if you send your children to spend time with Grandma, grandpa, aunt, Uncle, god mama you name it… If they are offering to help, accept it. (Questionable individual’s get a no ma’am) Catch up on some sleep, take a long hot bath, or do something you haven’t done in a long time… you work hard and deserve a break.
 Your mini me’s can be a big help around the house when it comes to completing chores. My ten year old son loves helping take out the trash and doing the dishes. This allows time to focus on my four year old daughter and eleven month old niece (daughter).  I get more accomplished after I get home from work and everyone wins.

We are not superhuman; we are “extra”-ordinary.  We make others believe we are superhuman because of a quiet strength we exude and the earth shattering power we generate. We appear invincible. Nonetheless, it is our responsibility to allow others to witness our vulnerability, transparency, and dependence at times to ensure we remain spiritually, physically, and mentally whole.

Until next time,

Love, peace and blessings  to you my sistah!!

Angie Bee Love

Repeating Numbers 333,444,999 & What It Means To Me

Can Self-Help books cause more harm than good?

One evening, while my husband and I were relaxing over a few good reads, an interesting epiphany occurred.   As we sat on our comfortable sofa’s, reading, and sipping on a few glasses of wine he turned to me and asked…  “Angela, when are you going to start applying what you read to your life? I looked back at him quite puzzled.  What do you mean? I do! He looked back up at me from his book and responded… “Oh really”?  He looked over to my book shelf filled with books and responded. “All these books here on our book shelf you have read. Some of these books go back to the time we first met (9 years ago). Yet, you are still faced with the same issues. I was amazed and offended all at once.  How dare you tell me what I’m not doing...?  I retorted in my head. I exhaled and dived back into my book.  I was reading Steve Harvey’s Act like a Success; think like a Success at the time. I placed my book beside me. My mind began to race. My husband was on to something.  I am by no means condemning the self-help industry. I have read Joyce Meyers, Joel Osteen, TD Jakes and The Secret. Let’s not forget the BIBLE… However, for self-help addicts, I include myself as well; constant reading and no application of the principles written can turn into a form of procrastination.   Most times we find ourselves in this loop hole of constantly reading. We know what needs to be done. Nonetheless, we never get around to making the necessary changes  to make our lives better.  Oftentimes after reading my self-help book of choice, my high (motivation) dwindles away and I’ve reverted back to my bad habits. Bad habits do die hard.  I have realized until I truly dedicate to change, remove my pride and ego from the equation and ultimately maintain structure through daily action, nothing will change.  So, I hereby declare today as   “Action” time…  Well, as a lover of the arts lets more accurately say, “Lights, Camera, Action” in our lives and never go back to the balcony again!!
Thanks for your time!!
Until next time Be safe and Prosper!!!
Angie B

Storytime w/Angie B "Sleep Paralysis" Waking up paralyzed

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