Monday, February 22, 2016

The Beautiful Storm: Untold truths about married life.

Have you ever experienced the sun shining while the rain was falling? Amazing right? At first you think its your senses playing a trick on you. Then you realize it’s real. A quiet calmness and enchantment embraces you. This is how marriage feels.  Marriage is a major adjustment. There is a vulnerability that comes with marriage. Many are not accustomed to the level of transparency and commitment required. Individuals are accustomed to doing things a certain way, “your way” for so long. It’s been all about you. I hear many single individuals scream, “I’m not about to get married and end up divorced, I’m good!!”
However, this type of perception has been the conception of the deception of what’s really going on with marriage. However, there are people who took the leap of faith into the unknown. Yes, it is hard work but anything of value is worth fight for, right?  I’ve been married six years on May 8th of this year.  It has been a roller coaster, full of ups and downs, twists and turns.  If I had a choice I would do it again. I am a stronger because of it. I discovered my greatest strengths. Most of all, I have someone to share my life with… I’ve learned over the years the value of loyalty, dependability, and accountability. True partnership is everlasting.  I now understand what marriage is and not the naive fairytales I once envisioned.  Here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.
“Stop looking for your spouse to complete you”
Yes, The “you complete me” sounds cute on V-day, but in reality, you are two whole people coming together as one to create something new. Your goal is to create a long-lasting and effective union. Leave your insecurities at the door or at least seek professional help so you don’t become a mental burden on your mate.
Financial Situations
If you were okay with his income, credit, tax issues, child support, work schedule, etc. before you decided to get married don’t give your mate the side eye later on. Work together, build, and improve your financial lives together.

Who disciplines the children?
Please remember when I tell you, one of you will be the nurturer and the other will be the disciplinarian.
Which one will you be? Make sure to have a talk about how you plan to discipline your children… (time out, etc.)
You will not like your spouse every day
Disagreements happen but agree to make up by a certain timeline. No one wants to walk around a home with negative energy floating around. The kids can feel it, the dog can feel it. Even the mail man, so get it right and fast.  You got an empire to build…
They share friends business
Married couples have pillow talk and sometimes it’s the latest issue a friend maybe having at the time. If you find yourself in this situation, make sure not to get upset when your spouse doesn’t want to be around certain people if you share some unbecoming things about your friend… I recommend keeping certain things about mutual friends to yourself. I know this is your best friend now, but save the headache!
Married people still date each other
When you’re living with your best friend, you really don’t have to get out the house all the time… Sometimes just a child-free house, a few bottles of wine, and your favorite dinner are all you need…    It’s easy on the budget as well…. Nonetheless, whether you choose to stay in or dine out, there is opportunity to recharge and renew with each other.
Sometimes married couples want to be single
Yes, then you realize when you were single, you wanted to be married. These feelings will pass eventually.
My friend, your friend, our friend
Some friends you will share as a couple. While others you will have separately. It’s okay, you won’t share everything. As long as there is respect for the union you two share (no cheater set ups), go out, have fun, and enjoy your night out with the guys/girls!!
Quickie Appointments
The struggle is real. Kids, work, obligations, etc. are taking up all your time and energy. Before you realize it, almost seven days have gone by and nothing has happened in the love making department. Sometimes you’re just too tired to get it in. I have a solution…  (Drum roll please)  “Schedule your quickies.” I know, I know… before getting married you could time your playtime like the “back of your hand” not anymore, lol lol.
The Representative is GONE!!!
 He will leave socks on the floor. You will have morning conversations while on the toilet. He will purchase your tampons. She will have morning breath and a hair bonnet. Any annoying thing you can think of will be in your face. You will be with this person 24/7. In the past, you could go to your respective homes on the weekdays and get away to each other’s place on the weekends. Three days to wow and impress and four days to rest. You get the point…
All in all, marriage is fun, exciting, and hard work. I enjoy being married; it’s like learning to riding a bike. In the beginning you’re going to fall. You may get a few bumps and bruises but one day you’re going to catch your balance. You will get the hang of it. As a child, the day you learned to ride your bike is the day you realized you can go anywhere in the world you wanted….  The same applies to your marriage!!  
Share in the comment section below how long you’ve been married and any tips you’ve learned. I want to hear from you.

Angie B Love

Monday, February 8, 2016

"My Son Is Gone Because Someone Deemed Him a Criminal and Not My Child" ***Angie B Love responds to mother of Andrew Joseph III*****

Thank you so much for sharing your story Ms. Deanna Joseph. Your son is our son.  His death enrages me to tears as I look over at my ten year old. He is full of life and optimistic about his future. He wants to become a doctor.  I'm not so sure he will have a fair chance to achieve his dreams.  In a world that seeks to swallow him whole, I pray each and every night. I pray for God's protection in a world so cold.  I want those big, shiny eyes to remain full of hope and promise when he envisions his future. I never want his spirit to become dull, damaged or helpless from society’s mental and physical beatings. Black children are dehumanized and ostracized. "The evidence shows that perceptions of the essential nature of children can be affected by race, and for black children, this can mean they lose the protection afforded by assumed childhood innocence well before they become adults ("Black Boys Viewed as Older, Less Innocent Than Whites, Research Finds", 2014).”
 Black children are perceived as violent, inhumane, and dangerous.  Through the womb (women) and the offspring (her children), there is a calculated extermination of the black race. Although it feels like a strategic assault on the lives of black children and women, I will not live in fear for my son or daughters lives.  Ms. Joseph, I commend your strength. Through your voice and countless others, a change will come. In regards to the victimization of African American Youth, I admire your outward transformation of your pain into an evolving social consciousness. Police are supposed to protect, inspire, and guide the young; not exterminate and perpetuate cultural racism. It seems as though we have gone backwards, as if we’ve traveled back in time; before Martin Luther King JR., before the fall of Jim Crow or the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863. Except, this time, it’s not overt but covert, hidden in plain sight. Do you feel the police force has become more like the new day Klu Klux Klan? Please weigh in down below….

Angie B Love 

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Please read the full article by following the link below.
Article Link:

Andrew Joseph III 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Why some people have given up on church?

I was raised in the church. I went to church practically every day for some reason or another as a child. Skirt-wearing (No pants allowed)in the winter time, donuts selling on nice summer Saturday’s kind of church going gal…  Sunday school, Sunday worship, Sunday evening services was my life. I believe my grandmother knew she had to keep me preoccupied.  What better way to keep a young girl out the street than introducing her to God.  That was my life, until I became an adult. I was able to make decisions for myself. Guess what, your girl went on a church-cation. Yep, you heard me and my made up word.  A vacation from church, but how can you go on vacation from God lol…
 I was so upset with how the church dynamic operated and it was across the board to me. Nowhere felt safe for my spiritual rest and elevation at the time. I was a young mother of one, searching for acceptance while trying to pursue educational advancement.....
 I am now on a quest to build and maintain a relationship with Christ. I am a wife, mother, etc. now and I have to become grounded for my children.  In order to do so, I had to remember that Christ loves the church. We are the church, Gods people.  I love Christ, so in turn; I must love what he loves. No matter how you feel about the church, Christ commands us to never fail to assemble ourselves together.  ( Hebrew 10:25  {NIV} Not giving up meeting together, as some are in the habit of doing, but encouraging one another—and all the more as you see the Day approaching.)

 Here is the thing…  Christ commands us to encourage (love) each other…   did we forget this integral part of his instructions?
There is a religious (self-righteous) type of church goer that has strangled the life out of Infants in Christ. Babies in Christ are considered green, fresh, and new to the walk…   “Religious individuals” approach these individuals with criticism instead of guidance. These are the people who feel they are “more’ saved than you. They are at every service, every event, and meeting in efforts to keep the judgment-gossip wheel going.   God is love and this is not love...  Sometimes seasoned individuals forget their place; which is to love, cover and guide.  They become the opposite of what God commands.  It is our duty to bring new souls to Christ and allow him to clean them up and renew their minds. Your whispers, stares, and alienation will not help.  Nope, not one bit. It hurts my heart to hear people tell me they do not “Do church.”   The church can do so much for the community and world as a whole, only  if we can come together and operate as one. One body in Christ.
Have you had an experience with a "religious" type of person and how did you handle it?
I want to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Concerned and bewildered

your sister gal,

Angie B love

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