Monday, October 17, 2016

It's a waste of time and energy trying to get others to understand you….

Never waste your time or energy trying to get others to understand you.
 No matter what you do, some people are just not going to like you.
 It has nothing to do with you. 
Unless you’re an inconsiderate, narcissistic individual…  
Some people are having internal wars within themselves. 
Their perceptions of reality are distorted.
 They will internalize your actions and process its meaning from their own filter. 
More times than not, these filters are blurred by the illusions of their own personal restraints. 
It is a losing battle you must bow out of immediately or you lose yourself while trying to make them understand you.

This is especially relevant to religious beliefs. 
Everyone believes their religion is the right religion and bump all others. 
Instead of seeking to understand the common theme all religions share- belief in a higher power (GOD) and the call to higher consciousness. 
We judge, criticize and downgrade all other religions that do not resemble our own. Therefore, we remain divided, perpetually psychologically and spiritually conquered. 
We continue to commit ourselves to a dialogue of misunderstanding each other instead of finding commonalities and cohesion.
 I said all this to say, we must not lose ourselves trying to be understood by individuals who may not even know who they are, in order to acknowledge your value and existence one must first know who they are in the world of pretenders. 
Continue to be true to you and live authentically unapologetic-ally. This is my pledge to you,

Angie B Love

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