Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spiritual Protection ***Back Dated July 16th, 2016****

Do you have a home security system? Do you think this is enough to protect your home?  Yes, you are protected on the natural side but what about the spiritual side. Ever wonder why there is confusion and discord in the home. Your children are acting out or being bullied. Your husband or wife may have issues on the job. Finances are always in shambles.  Bottom-line, it just feels like your home is under attack and yes, you are under attack. A spiritual warfare is going on and wives you have a job to do. Yes, husbands are the first line of defense but the woman helps to strengthen her husband through prayer and fasting. She keeps him lifted in prayer. I’m reaching out to my mothers and wives to inform you of your duty to provide a layer of spiritual protection. Your role is crucial to the survival of your family spiritually and naturally.  Our men need us more now than ever before. Our men are under attack! Pray for protection from depression and oppression. Ask God to touch him to fulfill his God given purpose and to show you, his wife, how to support him in the pursuit of his calling.  Men are strong on the outside, but soft on the inside. We must ask for guidance on how to love and support our men, while leaving their manhood intact.  Pray for the spiritual protection of your children, their mind, hearts and spirits. Especially when their interacting with other children, watching television (you may say, I know what my child watches, but what about the commercials they see or when they go to visit at a friend’s house) or reading some of the assigned school materials for example. Children are pure and this is the cause of their vulnerability.
Let’s stop wasting our breath and physical force on something that needs spiritual force.
Are you armed and ready?

Angie Bee Love 

Your vibe attracts your tribe *****Back Dated**** July 4, 2016

Let’s think about this for a moment....

 Your vibrational output is like a magnet, a vibrational sound wave radiating to the world “Here I am”.  However, “who” are you calling back to you?...  You pull in what you’re putting out. Here’s what I mean, if you’re tired of people complaining to you, do you find yourself complaining a lot? 

Even if it’s all in your head, you have generated these occurrences. You are unknowingly radiating a signal for these types of people to come your way. Change your frequency. Don’t entertain, in this case “complaining” from yourself or anyone else. The same can be said about gossipers, one uppers, or anyone you find repelling.  You are actually repelling apart of yourself you have chosen to ignore.  Dig deep and find what ails you. Get rid of it and heal it. Or just decide to live with it in acceptance and harmony.

  You must take responsibility for the invitations you send out into the world with your thoughts and conversations.  Stop inviting negative people, situations, places or anything that does not serve your authentic self.  Stop wasting time on the irrelevant as well.  Your time Is very valuable and precious. 

  As a social worker who works with our disabled and senior population, I understand the true essence and value of time. These women and men were once healthy and strong.  Now, they are in their late seventies reminiscing on their youth and agonizing their imposing death or uselessness.

The solution is simple. Change your focus, set your intentions and the rest will follow. For example, Let’s say you have a networking event to attend. You are nervous and you do not know anyone. When you walk into the room, your first thought should be, “I will carry myself with ease and grace, I will build a strong network of brilliant minds one smile at a time.”   You have set positive intentions before entering the room. This allows you to focus on people who are radiating the same positive energy you are. Operate on a higher frequency and you will be unstoppable. This clears the haters and low-level energy people from crossing your path. Even If they do, they will remove themselves quite quickly.  

Let’s keep our vibrations high!!!

Angie Bee Love 

Loose 10 pounds in 10 days!!!! Back dated **6/29/16***

It’s possible to lose belly fat and feel good while doing it. No diets, No surgery, No gimmicks!! There’s a simple solution to your weight loss battles. So simple you have to read it twice. It’s called intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting (IF) is not a diet but a pattern of eating. You do not have to change what you eat but when you eat. However, I would recommend not eating “junk food”. If you have to have a piece of chocolate or a glass of wine, do so in moderation. I like to just get a “taste” in my mouth, as to not completely deprive myself. So, yes you are eating what you will in moderation. The science behind this method of eating comes from the “fasted state” your body goes through while you’re sleeping.  After you’ve eaten your last meal, your body needs at least three to five hours to digest and absorb the food you have eaten. It is very hard to burn fat during this stage. The real magic starts when you are sleeping and a few hours afterwards.
Intermittent fasting can be done in a number of ways; once a week, one a month, or daily. Intermittent fasting can also be done for a twenty-four-hour period, known as the warrior diet.  As for me, the best times for my eating window are noon- to eight o’clock pm. This allows the ability to eat lunch at work and dinner with my family.  I drink only coconut water before noon and after eight o’clock. NO FOOD!! NO SODA!!!  No wine!!  On Thursdays I complete a coffee enema detox and I go a complete 24 hours (Water only!). These are what I call my “Detox Thursdays.” I understand this is not for everyone; however it’s worth a shot!! Try it out and if it doesn’t agree with you, find something different but keep seeking vitality and health.

Some of the issues you may face when intermittent fasting is breaking the habit of snacking during stress on the job and menstrual-cycle induced cravings…  Make sure to have a variety of coconut water flavors, especially if you’re fasting beyond regular lunch time hours.  I plan to make intermittent fasting apart of my daily routine. I find the benefits out way the temporary discomfort…. Make sure to do your research as well, let me know if you have any questions not covered above. I want you to be healthy, happy, & free!!!!!

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