Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Side-chick epidemic: Coming to a relationship near you!!

Why are you so happy being the other woman?

Why are you satisfied with second best?

 Why are you so content with a “piece” of a man, lying to you and giving you the scraps of his time?

Are you that desperate disguised in “I’m just doing me! He’s the one married to her, not me!

You act as if you’re doing something so spectacular, but honey he comes home to the wife every night.  But he tells you how unhappy is and he’s going to leave as soon as the time is right! I bet!

  You’re a toy, a “fun thang,” a receptacle for him to release his frustrations (crap) on.  A human toilet. Yes, that is what you are.   He has no real commitment to you. He did not wife you, he married her. She knows the “real” him. You know “of “him. The person he “tells” you he is, but you don’t “know” him.  Of course he’s perfect with you. He can ignore his responsibilities, his bills, his problems. You are his escape from everyday life. You’re not asking him to fix a bottle for a crying baby at 3AM or asking about a $300 water bill because of leaking pipes. That’s why it easy for him to talk to you, easy to lay in bed next to you, easy easy, easy. You get that your “easy”…..?

 Let me break this down for you a a minute…. 

When he looks into his wife’s eyes, he sees a reflection of himself, good or bad. Only he knows if he has been a good husband and/or father. He wants to please her, make her happy, and live up to the standard of her desires. If he does not feel he has done so, he will feel like less of a man in his wife’s eyes. In her presence he will feel like a loser. Every man wants to win and if he is not winning financially or emotionally in the home, he will feel worthless. You, my dear allow him to gain a false sense of winning.  He is able to check out of reality. You do not speak to the man in him, but the boy in him. The wife is calling out the king in him. If he’s not ready he will take the “easy “way out and that is “you” my dear. Why are you so satisfied with being “easy”? Is it because of self-esteem issues? Daddy issues? Typical?!... I don’t know but seek counsel. You have a real issue here!

If nothing else, think about your future married self. Would you want another woman to step in because you had a bad day? Do you want to constantly live on edge, fearful that your husband is cheating on you because your body is not the same anymore after giving birth or an argument with your husband got a little heated and now he’s on the sofa?

Oh sweet heart, listen to me closely. There are women like you being born every day who will attack the very fabric of your marriage just as you have done.

You’re proud to be a side chick huh?

 Well let’s see how proud you’ll be when the tables turn…

What are your thoughts? 

Angie B Love

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Product Review ****The Relaxed Hippie*****

It’s hard to find affordable, all natural products these days. This is why I appreciate the authenticity and nature-centered products provided by Amber Hyde. She has a number of products to accommodate your daily needs and your relaxation desires… I had the wonderful opportunity to try some of her products. I ordered the Essentials Sample pack for the affordable price of $7.50.

Here are a list of the products I have tested and my honest opinion of them all…

-Coconut Almond Moisture Bar

-Oatmeal Milk bath 

-Sea Soak Sweet Almond Infused lavender/eucalyptus (My favorite due to the smell and the exfoliating benefits of the product)

-3 in1 body oil (makes your skin soft to touch and glow)

-Essential soy melts 

-The essential coffee Coco Facial mask body scrub (My least favorite due to the messiness)

Relaxed Hippie products are great for individuals who do not like heavy smells or scents due to allergies. It’s great for individuals with sensitive skin as well.  The ingredients are all natural and the scents are light to non-existent.

 If interested please contact Amber Hyde @ 847-388-0989


Or The Relaxed Hippie www.therelaxedhippie.com

Angie B Love 

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