Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Spiritual Protection ***Back Dated July 16th, 2016****

Do you have a home security system? Do you think this is enough to protect your home?  Yes, you are protected on the natural side but what about the spiritual side. Ever wonder why there is confusion and discord in the home. Your children are acting out or being bullied. Your husband or wife may have issues on the job. Finances are always in shambles.  Bottom-line, it just feels like your home is under attack and yes, you are under attack. A spiritual warfare is going on and wives you have a job to do. Yes, husbands are the first line of defense but the woman helps to strengthen her husband through prayer and fasting. She keeps him lifted in prayer. I’m reaching out to my mothers and wives to inform you of your duty to provide a layer of spiritual protection. Your role is crucial to the survival of your family spiritually and naturally.  Our men need us more now than ever before. Our men are under attack! Pray for protection from depression and oppression. Ask God to touch him to fulfill his God given purpose and to show you, his wife, how to support him in the pursuit of his calling.  Men are strong on the outside, but soft on the inside. We must ask for guidance on how to love and support our men, while leaving their manhood intact.  Pray for the spiritual protection of your children, their mind, hearts and spirits. Especially when their interacting with other children, watching television (you may say, I know what my child watches, but what about the commercials they see or when they go to visit at a friend’s house) or reading some of the assigned school materials for example. Children are pure and this is the cause of their vulnerability.
Let’s stop wasting our breath and physical force on something that needs spiritual force.
Are you armed and ready?

Angie Bee Love 

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