Monday, October 10, 2016

Seeds of Life: The life Line of your marriage

 A man plants his seeds in the womb of his woman and from there, life is formed. She is now carrying this life with her everywhere she goes.  Now connected through the life line we call the umbilical cord. She is one with her son/ daughter for the next nine months. Her life must change. She must watch the foods she eats, the places she frequents, and the amount of daily stress she undergoes.

I would like to take this same aspect and apply it to the dreams and desires of your mate.  Women at this point I am talking to you. Men, you may keep reading if you please. A man plants seeds of life in the womb of his woman in a spiritual sense as well. She then takes these seeds and nurture them with love, support, and encouragement. She grows his dreams, his aspirations, his goals for his life in her (Spiritual) womb. She gives birth to his entrepreneurial spirit, his drive, his mission, and his purpose. She brings forth his purpose into the world by bringing all to God and allowing him to be the substance to sustain and nourish him (God i.e. embryonic fluid) while she works and molds him into the man of power he is designed to be. She is not mean-spirit or harsh with criticism and judgment. This is not meant for his ears but Gods. I’m not saying to not tell him when he is doing wrong but do it in love. Voice his weaknesses to God, he is the only one who can fit it. When a woman is mean, quick-tempered, and critical, she is not creating a suitable environment for her mate to grow. She is stunting his growth, as a man and an individual.  Just as it would harm a baby in the womb and if the child is continuously malnourished, there will be health problems and complications.  When you help your husband, you are helping yourself. You do not have to lose yourself or place your dreams on the back burner.  However, just keep in mind that this is your husband, your marriage, and your life. You are creating the type of life you want to live based off the energy you put in building your husband up and seeing that his vision for your family  is a reality. However this may look for your marriage, the vision of elevation is the core theme. This is serious business folks.  Women are so focused on how they can get to the top of the professional ladder so much so, that their leaving their husbands behind financially and emotionally. Which in turns makes them feel useless. This is just my opinion. Nothing more, nothing less. I know I will have some who will disagree. Nonetheless, if your man is not doing what you think he should let me ask you something, how have you nourished the seeds he’s placed in your womb? Are you supporting him (nourishment) praying for his clarity (embryonic fluid  i.e.GOD) making your prenatal visits (Being his #1 cheerleader) Or have they become still born at this point? Have you killed his dreams? Women it is true, we can make or break a man with our words, break him down so much so to the point of no return.   How do you feel about this ?
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Angie B love

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